Hello, I'm Jacob. Thanks for taking the time to click on the about page, that means you have at least some interest in my photography philosophy and my personal interests. I'd better not take up your attention span by rambling...

So I could've been a baker, I could've worked in retail, but I've chosen photography. The second easiest decision I've ever made. I love being behind a camera, I love being on location, chasing the light and perfecting the shot with you. I love to work with my couples to capture photos that we're both happy with, and proud of. I started taking photos in 2013 when I bought a DSLR and started shooting live music and parties, I'm fully self taught- yes I'm aware of the stigma that comes with that and yes you can see some full wedding galleries if you enquire.

I've always followed wedding photographers on Instagram before I started shooting weddings myself, so there was always that underlying urge to do what they do. I fully made the transition to wedding photography in 2017 when I left my job as an apprentice baker to focus on my passion and my business.

Oh yeah, the first easiest decision I've ever made- snagging that beauty in the photo on the left. Yeter and I are like peas and carrots, she's incredible. We got engaged in February 2018 after a road trip to the Yorke Peninsula. She helps me run the business and is a crucial part of it, if you opt for a second shooter with your package, you'll have the pleasure of meeting her!

In my spare time I like to support Manchester City in the English Premier League and I'm always down with a game of FIFA. I love going on adventures and daily walks around the many amazing walking trails in Murray Bridge where I'm located. I love listening to music, I've weirdly been getting into jazz lately which is different from my usual mix of alt rock, rap, indie and metal. Recommend me some smooth Jazz to boogie to.

Some of my favourite photographers are Dan Evans, Tomek Photography, Phil Chester, Dylan + Joanna Kitchener and Nico + Vinx Ferros. I take inspiration not only from other photographers but from all forms of art. I work hard to make your day completely unique and memorable.

Thanks for reading my little spill!