Hello, I’m Jacob. Thanks for taking the time to click on the about page. Over the next few (hopefully not boring) paragraphs I’ll try and summarise who I am and what I think it means to be doing what I’m doing.

For me, photography started as an impulse. A friend of mine bought a camera and wanted to get into filming, so for whatever spontaneous reason (story of my life) I decided to buy one too. A Canon 100D. I started out by taking photos of random things, then of friends at parties, eventually bringing it along to live music shows in Adelaide by the end of the first month of owning it. I shot Antagonist AD at Fowlers Live and sparked the beginning of a very fun two years of music photography which included touring the country with I Exalt, helping out with music videos for local bands and generally being a presence within the live music scene. I started experimenting with my photography and began to work with people, mainly families and couples. This was a very enjoyable time for me and definitely something that ignited a confidence to start to shoot weddings. In May of 2017, I shot my first wedding in Langhorne creek and I loved it. So did the bride and groom. From there I booked three more weddings before the end of the year, while keeping busy with local community work including filming for the Jobs 4 Murraylands program. 2018 was a great year for my confidence and over the course of another 15 weddings I’ve really stepped into my element and feel extremely comfortable doing the job I’m entrusted to do.

Weddings will always be at the forefront of Jennings Media as it’s both enjoyable and sustainable. I love to continuously work to improve my style and my craft, I see every wedding as a new challenge and I approach each day with a different way of thinking. Destination weddings are something I’d love to get into. I love travel, Yeter and I visited her family and did some exploring throughout Turkey in July this year and had an amazing time. I’ll be releasing a short film about that trip very soon.

There’s no way possible that I could have made it this far without the incredible woman pictured above that I get to call my wife next year. Yeter has supported me in every way possible from keeping me going when my confidence is low, to coming out on wedding days as a second shooter. I’m so proud to call her my fiance and hope you’ll get to meet her.

In my spare time, I love listening to new music and dreaming about making my own music someday. I love anything that’s good but some of my favourite artists at the moment include John Floreani, Brockhampton, Gang of Youths, Triple One and Hellions. I love food which is definitely a downfall to my bank account, if you offer to feed me at your wedding there’s a good chance I won’t be able to let you go when I hug you. I’m a plant enthusiast and a gamer on the side and like to keep myself educated on history, global social issues and try to some degree to be environmentally conscious.

If you hire me as your photographer, you’ll get someone who will build a solid knowledge of your venue and the proceedings on your day. I’ll meet with you and cater to your individual needs to ensure your experience is personal and relaxing. I’m very easy going and will try to keep out of the way generally, I find the best photos to be candid or at least achieved with minimal direction.

I work hard to stay inspired by keeping up with wedding trends and taking bits and pieces from all mediums of art to create a vision that we both have confidence in.

Thanks for reading my spill!
Jacob Jennings