Jennings Media + Kassie Davies Makeup Artist Offer!

Kassie and I have come together (At New Years Eve with a notepad and our thinking caps while everyone else was partying) to bring you a makeup artist + photographer package.

Kassie and I have a rich history of working together on the same weddings. She has extensive skills through her experience in the industry, and through her diploma of specialist makeup. Her services can be applied to either our Half-day or Full-day coverage options for only $200, this includes a face of bridal makeup plus 4 faces for bridesmaids and the mother of the bride. 

Did I mention that our packages are also 10% off at the moment? This means that applying Kassie's services to your Full-day package will make it cheaper than it was to begin with. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is- this offer is only open for two weeks so get in quick!

For any extra info or to secure a booking, contact us at


Samara & Jermain

On December 5th last year, Yeter and I were given the wonderful opportunity to capture the special day of Jermain and Samara. Their day was tailored with happiness and laughter all around- a great depiction of their relationship as a whole.

Yeter took all of the photos on the day, and I captured all of the video throughout the day. We were both very happy and proud of our work, however going forward we will only be offering one service per day (photo or video).

Below you'll find some of the photos Yeter captured, along with the highlights reel I compiled. The video is intended to be a bright and fun video, encapsulating the feelings on the day.



Yeter and I have been overwhelmed by the amount of enquiries we've had since our launch in winter. We're looking forward to working with some amazing couples towards the end of this year and into 2018.

Check out the weddings tab on our homepage to find more about how we capture our weddings, and to view our prices. We look forward to booking in more of you to fill up our calendar!


Pet shoots!

Coming into spring, we have warmer weather, and the urge to get out more kicks back in. We want to take advantage of the weather by introducing pet shoots!

Our prices are at a very generous introductory price of $60 (subject to travel fees) for a 20 minute session. You'll receive 10-15 photos via a private dropbox link that you can share with family and friends, and memories to treasure for a lifetime!

Contact us via the website or on our Facebook page to book in a session.


New gear!

I'm extremely excited to announce that I'll be using a Canon EOS 5D Mk IV for the upcoming wedding season and beyond. The 5D offers greater quality than before, faster shots, and the all important 4K video feature, which will help in delivering a high quality video product.

Jennings Media will also be using a Zhiyun Crane for video stabilisation, and a new Canon 200mm 2.8 lens for capturing things a little further away.

Yeter and I are very excited to use our new gear out in the field, and look forward to working with all of you!

Yeter's Children Sessions

Yeter has been working hard behind the scenes to learn photography and gain experience in working with children of all ages. From now until the 25th of August, you can have a 40 minute session with Yeter for a special introductory price of $60. 

Murraylands at the Central Market!

Most people from the Murraylands are completely unaware of the amount of amazing, quality produce that comes from our often overlooked area. I've lived in the Murraylands for 22/22 years of my life and I must admit, I did not expect that our region had such a variety of wonderful produce.

Last Thursday however, I was given an inside look at just how extensive that range is. Paired with RDA, I was headed to Adelaide Central Market to document an afternoon of tastings, information and was also given the chance to meet some of the important people behind the scenes.

While it would be laughable for me to attempt to recall the names of some of the dishes Philip (Adelaide Oval) served us, my photos can do much better justice.


Yeter's first photoshoot!

Yesterday morning, Yeter stepped into a new realm of photography. Migrating from helping me out with events, to soloing her first shoot with newborn Amelia and toddler Lucas. I'm beyond happy with her work, and I'm excited to see what comes next for her. Yeter has written about her experiences for you to read:

The day started off with a shining sun, though a cold day nonetheless. I nervously awaited my very first children photography session with Lucas and Amelia, children to the amazing mother Felice. With weeks of preparation and learning about the secrets for this day, I got my eye behind the lens and my ‘ideas came to life’ as Jacob says. Amelia was a little angel who had no trouble catching up on some sleep while I snapped away. Although at times her expression was definitely one of curiosity, trying to work out who I was. Lucas was a very clear opposite as he seemed to have endless amounts of energy  to say hi to the cars driving past, to climb piles of rocks and to try and dive in the river nearby. With his cheeky little charm and me luckily finding the energy from within me, I captured a nearly 2-year-old being him. Looking back on the day, I felt accomplished and proud achieving what I have, but also happy that I have created a special treasure for the parents of Amelia and Lucas to have forever. I look forward to capturing more beautiful photos of your children of all ages and can't wait to show you what I can do.



Kangaroo Island- Day Two & Three

Day two started with a lot of determination, we left Kingscote at 9AM and arrived at our first stop- Little Sahara at 10AM which was conveniently opening time. As a child I remembered going here and boarding down the dunes and having a blast, so I was very keen to show it off to Yeter. We rented a sandboard and took turns going up and down the dunes until we were exhausted, which set us up for a very tiring day.

We then headed to Vivonne Bay (As recommended by my mum), and we were greeted with some magnificent sights including massive waves, rock pools and seals playing around in the water. Yeter and I made our way down to the rocks and setup close to where the waves were breaking, it was a little risky but you've gotta risk it for the biscuit! We headed off from Vivonne Bay and went into a camping ground to cook up some lunch, we had a pretty standard lunch of Mi Goreng and Vanilla Coke (There's nothing like a home cooked meal). 

We then headed off to the highlight of our trip; Flinders Chase. Flinders Chase had some beautiful sights including the Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch. We spent a lot of time observing the locals (New Zealand Fur Seals) and their day to day activities including swimming, fighting, sleeping and playing. We cruised around Flinders Chase for a while and soaked up some more of the wildlife. We were lucky enough to see some kangaroos grazing very close to where we were and also some possums hanging around too.

Day three was a big errand run, we went to KI Spirits to pick up some wild gin for Mum and our friend Helen. We also took a trip to Clifford's Honey Farm, the only place in the world which still has a certain type of pure bred Italian bees (And you could taste the purity!). We picked up all sorts of things from honey itself to sauces, candles and ice cream. Definitely recommend!

Lastly, we visited my relatives Dianne and Hoffy and had a good chat over a coffee and cake about the island and more things that we need to squeeze in tomorrow before our 2:30 boat. We're already planning to come back around Christmas time to tick off the rest of the things we missed on this trip!

Kangaroo Island- Day One

Yeter and I started our drive along the Fleurieu Peninsula at 6AM this morning after a trusty maccas run. We made stops at Second Valley and Pinks Bay (mostly due to weak bladders and strong photo opportunities). After arriving at Cape Jervis, we prepared to board the Spirit of Kangaroo Island (SeaLink), I copped some sea sickness before actually getting onto the boat which is always a good sign.

Our boat trip was mostly spent eating Doritos and fighting sickness until we finally arrived in Peneshaw. Our first stop was Cape Willoughby, we took a tour of the grounds and learned about how the discoverers of Kangaroo Island cracked open some beers on arrival (Or so Yeter claims). 

We then headed off to Kingscote to stay with my Uncle Paul, Auntie Sandra and Cousin Finn. We were greeted on arrival by Finn yelling at us from the balcony, begging us for presents (Which we were well equipped with thanks to Mum, Grandma and Grandpa). After settling in, we went for a cruise around town and went to Emu Bay.

Tomorrow we're off to Little Sahara, Flinders Chase, Remarkable Rocks and Admiral's Arch.

Webstore launch!

For some of my older followers, this wouldn't be very surprising. But for all of you who are new around here, welcome to the (re)launch of my webstore! Here, you will be able to purchase photos I've taken in either print form or as a download to print yourself or use as anything else. I'll be updating the webstore monthly with a new selection of prints, as well as some old favourites. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thank you again if you purchase a print! It helps me out a lot, especially during the slow winter season.

Check out the store here-

Party time!

With Winter in full swing, it's always commendable when someone throws a party around this time of year. I have a few dates free over Winter and I'd love to get them all filled up! With me as your photographer you can focus more on necking that delicious Hahn Super Dry and less on trying to remember every detail of your night.

My rates are very affordable, and I'd love to hang out at your event!

You can contact me by email:                                                              

 Or on facebook:


Band photo package

As we enter into winter, wedding season has come to a close and the demand for other types of outdoor portraiture is not as high. I've decided to use this as the perfect opportunity to launch my latest offer which gives back to my roots as a music photographer. From now until the end of June, every booking for a promotional band photo comes with a free live shoot. 

There's no dodgy terms and conditions, all you have to do is book me for a promotional shoot and I'll come to your live show and then shoot your set too. My prices are negotiable depending on your needs for the promotional shoot.


2018 Wedding Bookings!

Coming into winter, every wedding photographer is hanging up the camera and buckling down into hibernation to edit all of their 2017 weddings so far. While I'm only new to the wedding photography arena, I'm pleased to say that I'm now taking bookings for 2018!

I've been privileged enough to book in 4 couples for 2018 already. And while February and March are staring to fill up, I've got a clean slate for every other month and I'd love to take any enquiries! Yeter and I have been very generous with our pricing to cater for an affordable experience while we're still finding our feet, however you can be assured we will be giving it our all to provide you with the best quality work we can offer!

If you'd like to get in touch with us to capture your special day, you can email us at 

Amy & Will

May 13th was a beautiful sunny day, the weather was clear and the temperature was perfect. The ideal setting for Mr. and Mrs. Padman to make it official! This was my first wedding that I'd photographed and if we're being honest- I was extremely nervous and had doubts about my abilities. Thankfully I was surrounded by people who instilled me with confidence, namely my partner Yeter who was my assistant on the day. The ceremony was held in Langhorne Creek at The Winehouse; a stunning venue surrounded by grape vines and lush green trees. I used the unique lighting to add a nice autumn glow to many of my photos including what you can see below. I'd like to thank Amy and Will for the great opportunity, it was a special day and I'm thankful to have been a part of it. I wish both of you all the best in the years to come.

Tasting Australia!

I was given an extremely cool opportunity by RDA Murraylands to photograph for Tasting Australia last Friday night. I met with some great people and personalities, and stuck my foot in the door for more opportunities to come! I was fortunate enough to be fed on the night, and it was definitely one of the best courses I've had for a long time. All of the local produce was amazing when teamed up together, and I'd definitely recommend checking out Tasting Australia, RDA Murraylands and all of the awesome local producers we have in the Murraylands.

The season for couples photos!

Most would assume that the best shooting conditions for working with people would come from spring and summer. I believe there's no better time than the present, the cloud cover can beautifully compliment a sunset, and can give us interesting light to work with! I'm very keen to book some couples in throughout May and June, so feel free to message us for a quote!

 Newly engaged couple Bre and Chris.

Newly engaged couple Bre and Chris.

Website launch!

Thank you all for taking the time to check out our new website! We're very proud of how the design looks, and will be using this as the forefront of our communication with you all going forward! Watch this space for giveaways, new projects and everything in between!

In case you haven't heard, there's a giveaway running right now! All you have to do is head to our Facebook page ( and like and share our latest post! It's that easy, and you win an A4 print of your choice (from either the collection, or our instagram).

Thank you and good luck!