Kangaroo Island- Day Two & Three

Day two started with a lot of determination, we left Kingscote at 9AM and arrived at our first stop- Little Sahara at 10AM which was conveniently opening time. As a child I remembered going here and boarding down the dunes and having a blast, so I was very keen to show it off to Yeter. We rented a sandboard and took turns going up and down the dunes until we were exhausted, which set us up for a very tiring day.

We then headed to Vivonne Bay (As recommended by my mum), and we were greeted with some magnificent sights including massive waves, rock pools and seals playing around in the water. Yeter and I made our way down to the rocks and setup close to where the waves were breaking, it was a little risky but you've gotta risk it for the biscuit! We headed off from Vivonne Bay and went into a camping ground to cook up some lunch, we had a pretty standard lunch of Mi Goreng and Vanilla Coke (There's nothing like a home cooked meal). 

We then headed off to the highlight of our trip; Flinders Chase. Flinders Chase had some beautiful sights including the Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch. We spent a lot of time observing the locals (New Zealand Fur Seals) and their day to day activities including swimming, fighting, sleeping and playing. We cruised around Flinders Chase for a while and soaked up some more of the wildlife. We were lucky enough to see some kangaroos grazing very close to where we were and also some possums hanging around too.

Day three was a big errand run, we went to KI Spirits to pick up some wild gin for Mum and our friend Helen. We also took a trip to Clifford's Honey Farm, the only place in the world which still has a certain type of pure bred Italian bees (And you could taste the purity!). We picked up all sorts of things from honey itself to sauces, candles and ice cream. Definitely recommend!

Lastly, we visited my relatives Dianne and Hoffy and had a good chat over a coffee and cake about the island and more things that we need to squeeze in tomorrow before our 2:30 boat. We're already planning to come back around Christmas time to tick off the rest of the things we missed on this trip!