Yeter's first photoshoot!

Yesterday morning, Yeter stepped into a new realm of photography. Migrating from helping me out with events, to soloing her first shoot with newborn Amelia and toddler Lucas. I'm beyond happy with her work, and I'm excited to see what comes next for her. Yeter has written about her experiences for you to read:

The day started off with a shining sun, though a cold day nonetheless. I nervously awaited my very first children photography session with Lucas and Amelia, children to the amazing mother Felice. With weeks of preparation and learning about the secrets for this day, I got my eye behind the lens and my ‘ideas came to life’ as Jacob says. Amelia was a little angel who had no trouble catching up on some sleep while I snapped away. Although at times her expression was definitely one of curiosity, trying to work out who I was. Lucas was a very clear opposite as he seemed to have endless amounts of energy  to say hi to the cars driving past, to climb piles of rocks and to try and dive in the river nearby. With his cheeky little charm and me luckily finding the energy from within me, I captured a nearly 2-year-old being him. Looking back on the day, I felt accomplished and proud achieving what I have, but also happy that I have created a special treasure for the parents of Amelia and Lucas to have forever. I look forward to capturing more beautiful photos of your children of all ages and can't wait to show you what I can do.